Wasp, Blue Cross CNC partner to support the BOLT project through weekly meal donations

August 17, 2020-The Charlotte Hornets of North Carolina and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Alliance (Blue Cross of North Carolina) will jointly support the non-profit organization BOLT project, which aims to improve the Charlotte community The quality of life of marginalized residents. The Hornets and North Carolina State University’s Blue Cross pledged to donate 300 meals a week to the children of the Charlotte area over the next six weeks and donate $10,000 to the Bolt Program.
These meals will come from Uptown Yolk and will be donated every next six Tuesdays starting tomorrow. “Legend of the Little Hornet”, “Muggle Fashion” and “Dale Curry” will be prompted at the Little Rock Apartments.
Fred Whitfield, President and Vice Chairman of the Hornets, said: “We are delighted to work with the Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina to support the BOLT project, a local non-profit organization that does important work in the local community.” We now have too many neighbors who are struggling with food insecurity, especially some of our children will not be able to get the help they usually get at school. We hope these meals and the additional support of our two organizations will help BOLT The project provides relief to some people in our community who need it.
Founded by Gemini Boyd, a native of Charlotte, Project BOLT represents building an outstanding life together. It aims to provide plans and services according to the current needs of the community, focusing on the place where Boyd grows, which is currently called the “Crescent Moon.” Since March Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the BOLT project has been providing food and school supplies to children aged 2-18 in seven communities to ensure that children who normally eat basic food and provide basic nutrition through school are fed and receive necessary nutrition. Complete school assignments at home.
“Blue Cross NC proudly supports the key work carried out by the BOLT project in Charlotte,” said Reagan Greene Pruitt, Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement at Blue Cross NC. “Ensuring that children and all North Carolina people have access to healthy food is a goal that Blue Cross NC is committed to, and as we continue to work hard to improve healthcare.”
Boyd added: “Project BOLT, I am very grateful for this opportunity. I am praying that it will make people aware of the larger issues affecting our marginalized families. COVID-19 awareness and its impact on blacks and browns need to be further emphasized. Family influence.
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Post time: Aug-21-2020

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