resist. criticism. But Fox News leads in prime time.

Led by Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, the channel’s pro-Trump lineup surpassed between 8pm and 11pm in June and July. Every network.
In a sense, this is a difficult time for Fox News: After being accused of sexual harassment, a celebrity anchor was fired, a lawsuit that portrays a misogynistic workplace, and a top writer was exposed as Racist Internet trolls, advertisers boycotted and atrocious demonstrators “criminals” after Tucker Carlson called and questioned the patriotism of senators who lost their legs in Iraq.
In June and July, Fox News is the most watched TV channel during prime time from 8pm to 11pm, not just cable TV. Not just news networks. All TV. According to Nielsen, during that time, Fox News’s average live broadcast ratings surpassed cable competitors such as CNN, MSNBC and ESPN, as well as broadcast networks ABC, CBS and NBC.
This three-hour time period is a small but important part of the TV field, and the basic cable channels rank higher than the three major broadcasters, which is extremely rare. The three major broadcasters are available in more and more households. And provide more kinds of programs.
Even the return of sports has hardly stopped this momentum: the Fox News show hosted by Mr. Carlson and Sean Hannity attracts more live audiences than those attending baseball and basketball games, including those held on the opening day. Yankees and the nationals duel.
In general, Fox News’s grand summer was driven by an increase in news program audiences, interest in the pandemic, civil rights protests, and the presidential election. At the same time, ABC, CBS and NBC have arranged more replays in the summer. The coronavirus has shut down most TV shows; streaming services and on-demand Hollywood movies have attracted audiences.
But the ratings of “Fox News” also show the scale and resilience of the American people to Trump’s opinions, as well as the loyalty of Fox News viewers. They have avoided the controversy that often occurs on the Internet.
Nicole Hemmer, a Columbia University scholar and American conservative media historian, said: “The major news events that conservatives see through a highly partisan perspective are increasing viewership, but the real controversy has not really caused Fox News. Loyal audience.”
Lachlan Murdoch, executive chairman of Fox News’ parent company, boasted last week of the network’s “astronomical” rating. He also said that its advertising revenue has increased from a year ago, which reminds people that not only has Fox News been hit by critics, politicians and advertisers who fled Carlson, it is still Murdo. The unparalleled profit engine of the empire.
The complaint about the Fox News primetime host played down the coronavirus, and in the case of Laura Ingraham, the use of hydroxychloroquine was encouraged, which is useless for Covid-19 patients, even Dangerous, it doesn’t do much to them.
Ms. Hemmer said: “In the conservative media, especially in talk broadcasts, it is generally believed that hydroxychloroquine is a concept between treatment and miracle therapy.” “The Tucker Carlson controversy has never really hurt his ratings. Rate, although this has cost him the interests of advertisers.”
When the ratings of Fox News dropped sharply, two days were particularly noticeable: The funeral of George Floyd, a Minnesota man, died when the police pinned him to the ground during his routine stay. The funeral of civil rights activist John Lewis.
Like its competitors CNN and MSNBC, Fox News broadcasted the memorial service live. During Mr. Freud’s funeral, the ratings of all three networks declined. In both cases, the number of Fox News listeners dropped sharply, to the more common number of hours overnight. (CNN and Mediaite have previously reported a drop in ratings.)
In general, the audience showed a strong interest in news about politics, public health and natural disasters.
The evening news broadcasts of ABC, CBS and NBC attracted the largest audience in years. David Muir’s “World News Tonight” broadcast on ABC performed well: In July, the episode was ranked among the top 18 in radio and cable television The TV shows attracted more viewers than the TV viewers with the leading summer ratings of NBC’s “American’s Got Talent” (ABC).
All three Internet news broadcasts were broadcast at 6:30 pm, attracting more viewers than Fox News’s prime time, and Mr. Moore more than doubled Hannity’s average ratings in July.
Cable channels define prime time as 8 to 11 pm, but the Big Three broadcasters include 7 pm on Sunday in their average prime time viewership. At that time, CBS aired the “60 Minutes” program, another news program that was very popular among viewers, and the broadcast network’s definition of prime time allowed CBS to beat Fox News in June and July.
But Fox News is the king from 8pm to 11pm, partly because conservative audiences have few options for right-wing political commentary. Small networks like Newsmax and One America News try to attract viewers, but are far behind.
MSNBC’s free prime time runs counter to Fox News in thought, and its audience has increased compared to a year ago. However, Rachel Maddow tied with Hannity at 9pm, but fell behind the three prime-time stars of Fox News in the total audience. Ms. Ingraham (Ingraham) appeared in the less than ideal 10 o’clock in the evening advertising time, attracting more viewers than Ms. Maddow for many months.
Thanks to several news interviews with President Trump, Fox News has won accolades this summer, including Chris Wallace’s barbecue on “Sunday Fox News” and an interview with Harris Fox. In an interview with Nathan, Trump worked hard to resolve the issue of racial dissatisfaction. When the president was unable to nominate the policy priorities for his second term, even Trump made headlines at a forum held with Mr. Hannity in June.
But critics of the network say that the language of its prime-time host may be reckless. Since the death of Mr. Freud in Minneapolis in late May, Mr. Carlson has faced particular strong opposition, triggering civil rights demonstrations nationwide.
Major advertisers such as the Walt Disney Company, T-Mobile and Poshmark have boycotted his shows because Mr. Carlson condemned the protesters as violent anarchists. Later, the host called the injured veteran Senator Tammy Duckworth an “idiot” and questioned her patriotism. In recent days, Mr. Carlson called former President Barack Obama a “greasy politician” and wondered whether Mr. Freud’s death was due to drug use rather than being nailed to the ground by the police.
Mr. Carlson’s rating has never been higher. According to Mr. Murdoch, the boycott has little effect on the bottom line of Fox News. Mr. Carlson’s show does not actually have a major sponsor, but many ads have been redistributed to other programs on the network. Fox News also continues to make a fortune in so-called freight, which is money that cable and satellite TV providers pay to maintain their network lineup.
Fox News vigorously defended itself from criticism by critics, who called its news reports biased or commentators extreme. When Mr. Carlson’s writer Blake Neff resigned in July due to racist and sexist messages posted on online forums, Suzanne Scott, CEO of Fox News Publicly condemned his behavior as “annoying.” Mr. Carlson gave a half-hearted speech, calling Mr. Neff’s post “wrong” but also warned that critics who criticized him would be “punished.”
According to two people familiar with the matter, Mr. Murdoch had learned of Mr. Carlson’s radio speech prior to the broadcast, according to an earlier report by The Daily Beast.
CBS stays on par with Fox News from 8 to 11 pm and may still win the summer championship.
However, on Wednesday, CBS aired a show that was supposed to be eye-catching: the reality show “Big Brother”, a two-hour premiere, which is rare in the summer rebroadcast. One episode.
An average of 3.7 million live audiences watched “Big Brother”. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” attracted 3.9 million people, and “Hanity” attracted nearly 4 million people-the highest-rated TV broadcast of the night.

Post time: Aug-14-2020

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