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Week 7 of the 2020 season brought several major games. In Nashville, the remaining undefeated AFC team locked the horn, and the Tennessee Titans fell behind their opponents in the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but quickly made a comeback.
The Steelers are now the last team in the league without flaws. That’s because the Arizona Cardinals erased a 10-point fourth quarter deficit in overtime to stun the previously undefeated Seattle Seahawks.
The Tampa Bay pirates keep rolling in Las Vegas. Also the Green Bay Packers in Houston. Atlanta and Cincinnati have wild finishes. Shocking blowout in New England. New York Jets-Well, they are still bad.
Just like every week, the Bleacher Report NFL analysts Brent Sobleski, Brad Gagnon and Gary Davenport gather In one hall, discuss various actions together and rank the league’s teams from beginning to end.
Let’s get started, starting with the supplier of two cans of rotten pigskin from Big Apple.
In a moment, it seemed that the Jets might be trying to win a game. Young quarterback Sam Darnold (Sam Darnold) recovered from a shoulder injury, and the team led the Buffalo Bills team with two losses to 10-0.
However, at some point, the Jets remembered that they were bad, and Gunn Green didn’t score for the rest of the game.
The Jets are indeed a terrible football team. Faced with Bill’s defense, who surrendered nearly 250 yards to the Kansas City Chiefs, the jet managed a total of 190 yards. Darnold almost completed half of the pass and received 120 yards and two draft picks.
The record of this jet team is 0-16. The franchise seems to be colliding with the 2021 No. 1 pick.
In the early second half against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jones kept the ball in the zone reading state until the start of the game…until he tripped and fell down the 8-yard line. The Giants then scored a few goals, leading 14-10 and leading 21-10 in less than 5 minutes, but then it was the team’s turn as it allowed two late touchdowns and a win from The mouth took away the failure.
To be blunt, the Giants are terrible. Jones’ performance in the second season was not satisfactory. The team’s best offensive player (running back to Saquon Barkley) broke this year’s ACL. The offensive line is porous. The defense is very soft. The only thing preventing the Giants from becoming the worst team in the league is the existence of the Jets.
If there is a good aspect, then at least the Giants have not improved their draft position by fiddling and winning games.
The loss to the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday was Jacksonville’s sixth consecutive defeat. Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network entered the game and wrote that Gardner Minshew II may be working hard for his own work.
“The darling of the media, because of his beard, quick wit and love for the Bulls, became a fanatical hero in Jacksonville. He may be replaced by backup Mike Glennon. For one thing, it seems that Mincer may be Jacksonville. The future QB. Now, the question is uncertain, unless he can get out of the predicament.”
Minshew made two touchdowns, but he also only completed 14 of the 27 passes. The former Washington State star may be a fan favorite, but the cold reality is that the Jaguars did not win under his control.
Moreover, regardless of whether he can get on the bench or not, people must consider that the Tigers will make changes in the offseason, especially when the team’s selection climax in 2021.
The team has sounded clues of all sizes. The protected coach Dan Quinn was fired. But in Week 7, the Falcons entered the next level, failing because they scored in touchdowns.
At the end of the game, the team lost to the Detroit area 16-14. All Atlanta has to do is to grind the clock to zero, kick a field goal and go home.
Instead, running back to Todd Gurley was too far and scored. That made Atlanta up six places, but after just over a minute away from the Lions, it expanded the length of the court and scored in the final game.
At 1-6, the Falcons looked like a team that was staring at a potential fire sale in 2020 and rebuilt by a new coach and general manager in 2021.
Sobrsky said: “How bad is Atlanta this year? One statistic can explain everything.” “The Falcons have lost three games, and the team’s chance of winning is 98% or higher.” Naf said. ”
As the Houston Texans’ failures intensified, the frustration in the locker room grew. According to ESPN’s Sarah Barshop (Sarah Barshop), quarterback Deshaun Watson (Deshaun Watson) and defensive end JJ Watt (JJ Watt) survived the defeat.
Watson said: “Honestly, it sucks.” “I mean, it’s new to me, so I experienced it like everyone else. This is the first time I have experienced this. Things, so I just keep learning, trying to stay positive, continue to lead the guys, continue to work hard every day, try to improve myself, just trying to find a way to win.”
Please note that this is the team that won the AFC South Championship last year, leading the Kansas City Chiefs 24-0 in the playoffs. Now that the franchise has collapsed, coach/general manager Bill O’Brien has been fired, and Watt’s name has surfaced.
At least Texans fans can look forward to watching the Miami Dolphins use their 2021 first-round draft pick in the Laremy Tunsil trade.
In August, the Vikings sent two draft picks to the Jaguars to win winger Yannick Ngakoue. Before the start of the season, because Danielle Hunter was placed in the injured reserve zone due to a neck injury, Ngakoue is preparing to steal the pass, which is expected to help the Vickers return to the playoffs.
Last week, Minnesota fell into a quagmire with a score of 1-5. The playoffs looked like a pipe dream. The Vikings sent Ngaquet to the Baltimore Ravens for two drafts.
According to Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Ngakoue may not be the only player leaving Minneapolis. The team is considering a fire sale before the trade deadline on November 3, but a competitor General Motors (GM) said he is not sure whether the team is interested in buying what the Vikings are selling.
GM said: “They definitely want to move on from some people, not those we want.” “They want to cut salaries, but I don’t know how successful they will be.”
Being pasted by the terrible Washington team is worse than being easily beaten at home by the bishop.
Everything that can go wrong is there. In many games, Dallas has launched different combinations of offensive rebounds for the seventh consecutive time. The lineman in question was disgusted. Washington has piled up 6 sacks, the Cowboys only scored 3.2 yards per sprint, and Dallas scored only 142 yards.
Coupled with reserve quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) suffered a concussion after linebacker Jon Bostic (Jon Bostic) suffered a vicious blow, things have become worse than the big D team .
This team was supposed to compete for the Super Bowl. On the contrary, Dallas ranks third in the league’s worst department, and according to NFL Network’s Jane Slater, some players don’t like head coach Mike McCarthy and his staff.
When the Denver Broncos defeated the Patriots in New England in Week 6, the team seemed to be building positive momentum.
There may not be a game better than the defensive end Shelby Harris (Shelby Harris) did not act like an athlete in the second half. This reflects Denver’s blowout loss to the Chiefs, which led to a conflict between the player and the head coach Vic Fangio. A sidecourt shouted.
Sean Keeler of the Denver Post said, “People outside the locker room react to what they see and what they hear.” “But the reality is that when you become a family, you You will fight. You will feel depressed… No one can surpass your emotions. Especially when you are in the current craze.”
For the Broncos, this is an ugly moment. The painful reminder is that although the team has made progress, it still has a long way to go to become a competitor.
Cincinnati Bengals fans are used to disappointment. But even by these standards, it has been difficult to swallow in the past few weeks.
Against the Indianapolis Colts last week, the Bengals led 21-0 and eventually fell to 31-27. When facing the Cleveland Browns at home on Sunday, rookie quarterback Joe Burrow broke through 400 yards and also scored an advanced touchdown, giving Giovani Bernard ) Is nearly a minute behind.
He said: “There is still a lot of work to be done.” “The offensive line continues to struggle, and the defender needs to make a makeover from start to finish. But Joe Burrow continues to show every week if the Bengals build a decent ball around him Team, he will start to win….The kid…is…legal.”
Washington tempered the creepy Cowboys on Sunday and easily played the best game of 2020. The rookie ran back to Antonio Gibson (Antonio Gibson) with 20 passes to Dallas for 128 yards. Quarterback Kyle Allen threw two touchdowns and recorded a pass rate north of 110. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin (Terry McLaurin) made seven passes for 90 yards and touchdowns.
Defensively, the team performed better. Washington only allowed 142 yards of offense and one field goal. The Pass Rapids stacked six sacks and eight QB hit points. Dallas ranks third with only three-twelfths.
Frankly speaking, the game may explain the situation in Dallas more. However, there is still a week of celebrations to celebrate the fan base for this opportunity.
“I won’t be crowned Washington in any way, but Kyle Allen is not terrible, and the defense may be terribly the best division of the NFC East. Don’t be surprised if the WFT ends to host a playoff game in January,” adds Gernon said.
The fact that the Eagles rank first in the 2-4-1 NFC East tells you almost everything you need to know about the division.
In a way, the team is commendable. Philadelphia suffered heavy casualties, and the blows continued to hit the Giants. The Hawks returned DeSean Jackson long enough for the veteran receiver to suffer an ankle fracture, which is expected to take him 6 to 8 weeks.
The team does not have the top two recipients. And it has two tight ends at the top. And it runs on top. And its offensive methods. And its team doctors, they resigned after being overworked.
Despite the terrible situation, Philadelphia actually has a chance of punching back to 0.500. In week 8, the Eagles will face the same badly injured Cowboys, and after seeing each other in week 9, they will play the G-Men again.
After beating the Falcons in the wildest game of Week 7, the Lions led 3-3. For the third place in the NFC North, this is a good thing, and let the team stay outside to watch the playoffs, but this is still better than most people expected.
Sunday’s victory came from an impossible 75-yard kick-off, with just over a minute left and no timeout, which made quarterback Matthew Stafford smile.
“We tried our best to challenge the game and everyone played a role. I like to do this. That is my favorite part of playing games. I like this game, I like competitions, there is no competition and pressure. There is no time for (second) and goals compared to the (11) yard line. I mean, this is your life as a quarterback.”
He said: “Yes, the Lions beat the ambitious Falcons 3-3.” But Detroit did this because Todd Gurley was supposed to get out of the car. I accidentally hit a touchdown when the clock ran out. I just dismissed the inexplicably messed up the Detroit Falcons. ”
After being defeated by the San Francisco 49ers, the Patriots lost three consecutive games for the first time since 2002. The Providence Daily’s Mark Daniels said that the 27-point loss was the worst home defeat in the Bill Berishick era-the worst. Since 2008, the Pats have lost twice at Gillette Stadium.
After just throwing for 98 yards and three interceptions, quarterback Cam Newton was sent off the bench to Jarrett Stidham. In the past two weeks, Newton has barely broken through 250 yards, has a total of 5 picks, and has no touchdowns.
He said: “New England’s passing weapon may be the worst weapon in the NFL.” “The defense began to succumb under the pressure of the transport team. Pats faced more than just one problem, but had not solved all of them The panacea. This is a 6-10 team.”
Gannnon added: “Good night, Patriots.” “New England has only 4 wins and 8 losses in the past twelve games (including the playoffs), and has been defeated by 77 wins and 28 losses in three consecutive losses. It’s hard for me to say that, but it’s time to rebuild in Foxboro.”
Since taking over as the starting quarterback for the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2, Justin Herbert has accumulated statistics. However, there is a number that hints at the sixth overall pick in this year’s draft-his first victory.
Herbert tortured the Jacksonville Jaguars with a high score of 347 yards and 3 points, as Doug Farrar wrote for “Touchdown Wire”, Herbert started him The historic beginning of a career.
“According to NFL Research, Herbert became the only player since at least 1970, in his first five professional games, passing yards over 1500, passing grades over 100,” Farrar said.
The charger is still in progress. The defense and offensive lines will need major improvements to get Los Angeles to win unanimously. However, Bolt seems to have switched from Philip Rivers to Herbert’s park.
The Carolina Panthers are better than many expected. However, whether this means they are good is still controversial.
The Panthers handed everything to the New Orleans Saints in the 7th week of the game, but like the other three losses, Carolina was unable to make a deal.
The team has at least kept the game close. In the Panthers game, only two games are determined by double digits (one loss, one victory), and only one game is decided by more than 10 games.
The drop below .500 against the Saints is disappointing, but some good news is coming. According to ESPN (h/t CBS Sports), it is possible to run back to Christian McCaffrey, who suffered a severe ankle sprain in week 2, so he can return against the Falcons in week 8. .
Returning the best offensive players of this team to the game is a huge boost for the Panthers, at least in terms of finding a wildcard for NFC.
In terms of offense, the strategy is relatively stable this season, and there is no box to “accept” the recipient. But the Vegas defensive struggle continued on Sunday, with a total of 454 yards to Tampa.
According to Ed Graney of the Las Vegas Review, head coach Jon Gruden stated that change may happen on defense.
Gruden said: “We have to play better, and we will do it.” “This can be traced back to me. I don’t make any excuses. I won’t say anything here today, but we need to pay attention to some things. This process is It started after the press conference.”
The Raiders are a good enough team to easily defeat the Chiefs at Arrowhead. And shoot down the saints at home.
But unless defense capabilities improve, Las Vegas will become a fringe competitor.
“Sunday reminded us that the Raiders are a seriously flawed team.” Gagnon said. “They may linger in the playoffs and have an extra wild card position to compete for, but the defense is not good, and I still don’t fully believe in Derek Carr.”
A few weeks ago, many people just logged off the San Francisco 49ers. This team was tortured by injuries and was just blown up at home by the Miami Dolphins. Injuries are still a major issue, and the latest news of running back to Jeff Wilson Jr. came under fire.
But after destroying the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium, the Ninir team is back above .500-just like every other team in the NFC West. The nervous George Kittle made it clear that the team did not have everything going forward.
Kittel told reporters: “It’s fun to form a team with a group of mentally ill patients.” “I am very suitable here.”
Gagnon said: “This is a strange year for the 49ers, but we obviously can’t rule them out based on their resilience.” “A well-trained coaching team is needed to enter Foxboro and rule. A team coached by Bill Berishik with their backs against the wall. It is still an uphill battle due to injuries, but the 49ers have the ability to make the playoffs on the spot, and everything can happen there.”
Although the 3-3 record gave the Dolphins an advantage in the AFC Eastern Conference and wild card hunting, Miami still decided to switch to the quarterback position unexpectedly. When the Dolphins play against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 8, rookie Tua Tagovailoa will become the starting center.
Considering how Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) performed, this move has attracted attention, but head coach Brian Flores said that now is the right time to do so.
He told reporters: “We just think this is the best move for the team so far.” “This is how we want to move forward.”
Considering that switching at the job-hopping site will give Tagovailoa an extra week to prepare, so this move is logical. Although Fitzpatrick undoubtedly participated in the Dolphin Contest this year, he is not the central future of Miami-Tagovailoa is like that.
Nevertheless, if Tagovailoa struggles and the team loses two consecutive games, it is interesting how things will develop.
Sobrsky said: “Although Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) played and he has performed well throughout his career, Miami announced that rookie Tua Tagavailoa will be the starting four. The shooting guard is amazing.” “However, head coach Brian Flores said that this year’s fifth overall pick is ready for offense. This is what anyone needs to know. When an organization is like Miami When selecting quarterbacks, the entire team is on the young man’s schedule, not another way.”
As Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun Times wrote, before Monday night’s game, when asked whether his team’s 5-1 record was more important than the Bears themselves, the Chicago Bears The head coach Matt Nagy was angry.
Najib said: “We have played some good teams.” “No matter what they put in front of us, we don’t care what their records are.”
To be fair, the Bears did defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5-2. But facing the other two winning teams, Chicago is 0-2. Losing to the Los Angeles Rams on Monday was the Bears’ worst game of the season.
This is not a 14-point game. not really. Chicago’s only touchdown was in the middle of the fourth quarter, when Eddie Jackson was defeated. Knicks Fries threw two interceptions, and the Chicagoans averaged 2.9 yards per game, which made the Bears confusing.
Davenport said: “The Bears are the NFC Colts.” “Or the Colts are the AFC Bears. I don’t know. What I know is that neither of these teams are opponents of the Super Bowl. No. Those sad offenses.”
When Baker Mayfield missed his first five passes when he was intercepted in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Bengals, it seemed that complaints about his recent game would only become bigger.
However, in the last three quarters of the crazy comeback victory, Mayfield was basically perfect. At the end of the game. Mayfield threw for 297 yards and 5 touchdowns, while the Browns sat down 5-2.
Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski told Mayfield reporters after the game: “He is such a competitor. He will not give up.” “He didn’t back down. Every time I looked at him on the court. At that time, his eyes were full of steel.”
The Browns are now one less victory than last year’s total, and the 2020 season is not over yet. But Cincinnati’s victory came at a high price. According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson, Odell Beckham Jr. suffered an ACL injury at the end of the season.
The good news for the Indianapolis Colts is that they will enter the playoffs 4-2 this week.
The bad news is that this is not 4-2 yet. They lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 1, and fell 21-0 to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6.
For the Colts, one of the biggest problems is the offensive inconsistency. The team seems to have found a rhythm against the Bengals by getting into a state of rush, and head coach Frank Reich said that in order to get quarterback Philip Rivers forward, we can see more progress.
Reich said through Jim Ayello of Indy Star: “He does grow up in a [unfettered] environment.” “I mean, I’m with him It’s been three years and we haven’t had small talk for most of the three years-for most of the three years. We are not always fast-paced, but we have basically not shrunk for three years.”
No matter what measures are taken, the Colts must be better offensively. After traveling in Detroit, they will face three daunting games, including appointments with the Ravens and Packers, and a journey to Nashville to face the Titans.
After being flicked by the San Francisco 49ers in Week 6, the Los Angeles Rams faced another major test against the 5-1 Chicago Bears on Monday night, which has a chance to show that they (looks like every NFC West The team) are all legitimate Super Bowl contenders.
On the defensive end, the Rams are definitely not as close to the Chicago Bears as the final score. The Bears surrendered only 279 yards of offense, turned the Bears twice, gave up less than 50 yards on the ground, and did not allow offensive touchdowns.
Crime also played a role. The Rams performed well against the Bulls, which ranked first in the league in points and points. Los Angeles rushed for 165 yards, averaging five yards per serve. Quarterback Jared Goff scored 219 yards, scored 2, and scored 108.0.
problem? Despite playing a shameless Jets team, it was not a big header on the scoreboard. In fact, the Bill Act actually found the Jets 10 points and then deprived them of 6 unresolved field goals.
That’s right. Although the bills moved randomly on the court and accumulated 422 yards of offense, they were still rejected.
Moreover, an analyst at the Bleacher Report believes that this could mean trouble in Western New York.
Davenport said: “In the first month of the season, Beal was an offensive main force. But in the last three games, multiple flaws have become apparent. Josh Allen is at center. The upside isn’t that sharp. Bill can “not play well at all.” Buffalo may be the best team in the Eastern AFC, but from a recent perspective, they are behind the Steelers, Titans, Ravens and Chiefs. ”
Sobrski retorted: “The three-game losing streak made Bill Mafia a little worried, but the 5-2 record is a 5-2 record.” “Buffaloes still maintain 1.5 games in the Eastern AFC. Advantage. Bill has the opportunity to finally put the nasty Patriots into people’s mouths this next weekend and make himself the team that defeats the opponent.”
In a real sense, Sunday night’s matchup between the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks is a touchstone, and this is an opportunity for the upstarts to show that they belong to the big villains.
Edmunds told reporters: “You know Seattle will have a game in January.” “Everyone knows they will be in the playoffs. This is the type of game you really find,’How real are we?’”
Undeniably, the Cardinal seemed to allow the Seahawks to move up at will, throwing 572 yards at the attacking side. But the Cardinal himself put up more than 500 yards and cut three interceptions, which finally made the game unique.
If the Cardinals want to move on to the playoffs, they will have to continue to maintain a high level. In the next five games, Arizona has four games against teams of .500 or higher, including the Seattle Seahawks in Week 11.
The New Orleans Saints hope that coming out of the team will attract top receiver Michael Thomas. Instead, in New Orleans’ game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Thomas and second-place receiver Emmanuel Sanders were short.
The Saints faltered in the catching yard of UDFA rookie Marquez Callaway and won the championship with three pointers, allowing them to follow in the footsteps of the NFC South Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As in most cases, Thomas was eliminated, the engine that powered the Saints in Week 7 ran back to Alvin Kamara, who accumulated 148 yards in 22 touches .
Davenport said: “The Saints are not easy.” “One week they looked like an NFC force, the next week they were clearly behind the best team in the conference. Nonetheless, in five of the games Winning four of the six games without using the most advanced offensive weapons is impressive in itself. Yes.”
Much of the discussion about the Titans’ first loss in the 2020 season may have centered on veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski and the field goal that failed to make a deal. To be fair, unstable kicks have been a problem facing the Titans this year.
But the bigger problem is that for the second consecutive week, the entire Titans are inconsistent. Last week against the Houston Texans, the Titans performed well but could not maintain the lead. In Week 7 against the Steelers, the situation was the opposite. Tennessee fell behind 27-7 and then rebounded to strip 17 unreached strength.
This is not to say that Sunday’s loss should be any cause of panic. The Titans are still 5-1 and are in the driver’s seat for the two teams in AFC South.
However, if the Titans want to be taken seriously as AFC heavyweights with the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Steelers, they need to play more steadily-especially considering that the team will have the next six games. Five games are the winning team.
It is true that Bucs does not have the best record in the league, despite the shame of no loss on the roads of New Orleans and Chicago. But the Pirates have a level of balance that not many (if any) teams in the league can match.
On the offensive end, Tom Brady went on and played an outstanding performance, pulling the Raiders for 369 yards and scoring 4 points. Ronald Jones II and Leonard Fournette are a powerful combination in the backcourt. The pirates are adding Antonio Brown to the receiving legion that already includes Mike Evans and Chris Godwin.
Oh, and near-end Rob Gronkowski seems to be rounding, which should scare opposing defenses.
On the defensive end, Tampa entered Week 7, leading the NFL in both total defense and running defense. That Sunday defense allowed one of the league’s best guards (Josh Jacobs) to reach 17 yards in 10 goals on Sunday. In the previous week, Tampa’s defense did what no other team could do in 2020: shut down Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.
It is destined to happen sooner or later. Although the Seattle Seahawks offense has been extinguished, but the team’s leaky defense comes at a price. In week 7, things finally happened.
Thanks to Russell Wilson’s three interceptions and allowed more than 500 yards of offense, the Seahawks were able to remain undefeated. The team put zero pressure on the Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, allowing the Cardinals to get 4.8 yards per carry.
The Seahawks still rank first in the NFL’s toughest division. But Sunday night’s performance sent a dangerous signal to one of our analysts.
Davenport said: “The Seattle Pass does not exist, and a heavy price was paid in Week 7. By the seven weeks of the 2020 season, the Seahawks have counted all nine sacks. No middle school can last forever. , And the same in Seattle. These defensive failures put a lot of pressure on Russell Wilson, and the offense was essentially perfect. We saw what would happen on Sunday night if he was not there.”
The Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are both looking for legal Super Bowl contenders before the first meeting between the two teams in Week 8. Baltimore took important action last week, acquiring wingers from the troubled Minnesota. Yannick Ngakoue Vikings draft.
The 25-year-old Ngakoue joined the Vikings during a trade with the Jacksonville Jaguars before the start of the season, and had five sacks in six games with Minnesota. He will join the defense of Baltimore, entering the seventh week, the AFC ranked second, second only to the aforementioned Steelers.
For the former Maryland outstanding person, this is a home, Ngakoue said he is very happy to join the Ravens.
Ngakoue told reporters: “I will be very excited when I return to my hometown.” “This is the beginning of my journey.”
Last week, the Green Bay Packers suffered their first setback of the season, suffering a 38-10 defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Although there were no stars chasing Aaron Jones in the game, Green Bay had no problems moving the ball. Aaron Rodgers threw for 283 yards and made 4 touchdowns. The wide receiver Davante Adams performed well, exploding with 13 catches, 196 yards and 2 points, and then running Jamaal Williams brilliantly served Jones ( Jones) loaded the ball for 114 yards and 1 point.
Gagnon said: “For the Packers, this is a crucial rebound victory. Who may prove that their mistakes in the 6th week against the Buccaneers are a deformity of a pat against Houston, and this one The talent of the team is higher than its record. Aaron Rodgers and the company seem to be on the job.”
Due to Seattle’s mistakes in Arizona, the Packers are now tied for the top seed in the NFC, and the Vikings will be even more so next week.
The Kansas City Chiefs game is very comprehensive, you can ask to consider scoring in Week 7. On a snowy day in Denver, the team achieved touchdowns in all three aspects of the game: offense, defense, and special teams.
On offense, the Chiefs won points from Patrick Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes) to Tyreek Hill (Tyreek Hill), and rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire (Clyde Edwards-Helaire) Touchdown. On the defensive end, the Chiefs scored six points from safety Daniel Sorensen. In the special team, the Chiefs received a 102-yard kick-off return from Byron Pringle.
Now, the rolling chiefs will face the unwinnable New York Jets, and it is an understatement to say that the odds makers think this game will be a blowout. At DraftKings, the Chiefs started with a high of 20 points. Per John Breech of CBS Sports said that this is the 14th time since the merger of the AFL and the NFL in 1970, 20 or more teams have been favored.
In the matchup between the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers and the undefeated Tennessee Titans on Sunday, a large part of it seemed that the road team was going to win in a rout. The Iron Man leads the game 27-7 and looks like the best team in the NFL.
The Titans were able to score a game, almost delayed the game to overtime, but quickly made a comeback, with the Steelers leading the perfect 6-0 before the AFC North duel with the Baltimore Ravens in Week 8.
There are some worrying reasons in the game. The Iron Man team was chased to under 100 yards, and the Iron Man quarterback Ben Rosliberg made three interceptions. However, when a team has a defensive ability as strong as Pittsburgh, the offense is not necessarily perfect.
A week ago, when a Titan team easily aggregated points and yards, the Steelers set the Tennessee State team’s offensive distance to 292 yards. Running back to Derrick Henry, he entered Week 7 and became the leading sprinter of the NFL with only 20 yards and 75 yards. The Pittsburgh pass regularly harassed Ryan Tannehill, accumulating two sacks and six QB hits.
The Iron Man ranks among the best in these strength rankings. However, this week’s duel with opponents will pose another severe test.
Sobulski said: “Usually, when discussing the best team in the league, the topic turns to explosive offense, exciting quarterback games and/or stingy defense.” “Although being the only one in Pittsburgh This is true for the remaining undefeated teams, but the reason behind the success of the Steelers is much simpler. They can easily become the strongest football team, just awkwardly against their opponents in the battle. This is great. Up.”

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