General Motors and Uber reach an agreement to bring drivers into electric vehicles

General Motors said on Tuesday that it will offer ride-sharing company drivers a discount on the purchase of the new Chevrolet Bolt.
This is another step that General Motors has taken to promote the adoption of electric vehicles as it moves towards the future of all-electric vehicles. General Motors said it will launch at least 20 electric vehicles by 2023, and expects to achieve zero collisions, zero emissions and zero congestion in the future.
Sigal Cordeiro, Executive Director of Global Innovative Sales and Marketing at General Motors, said: “Improving access to electric vehicles for on-demand service providers can help reduce overall exhaust emissions in cities across the country and help accelerate Widespread adoption of electric vehicles.” “Our partnership with Uber will promote drivers to switch to electric vehicles.”
General Motors said the employee discount applies to Uber drivers currently eligible in the United States and Canada.
Bolt’s starting price is $37,495, including shipping. GM spokesperson Maureen Bender said this means that, depending on the employee discount, each Uber driver can save between $2,500 and $2,900 from the suggested retail price, depending on the plan chosen.
In addition, starting from Los Angeles and Denver, qualified drivers with Uber Diamond status will be eligible for special financing through the pilot program of GM Finance.
When fully charged, the Bolt EV has a range of 259 miles. General Motors expects that the daily driving habits of drivers on the Uber platform will be within this range.
Steve Malloros, vice president of Chevrolet Marketing, said: “This is an important opportunity to develop Chevrolet’s electric vehicle business through a plan that combines our expertise and strength with those who can share our scale and influence. The ride-sharing platform matches.”
The bolts were assembled at the General Motors Orion Conference in Orion Lake. This is the only electric car currently sold by General Motors in the United States.
GM said its data shows that ride-sharing drivers using Bolt will “significantly reduce maintenance costs” compared to traditional gasoline-powered cars.
General Motors owns 18.6 million Class A shares of Lyft Inc., making it one of the largest investors in ride-hailing companies. But General Motors sold all Lyft stock at the end of last year.
This is the latest news for automakers to move towards fully electric vehicles. Last month, Cadillac released the Lyriq SUV, which is the first pure electric vehicle of the luxury brand. Cadillac did not disclose where Lyriq is produced, but it will be available in the United States in the second half of 2022. It will be launched in China first.
General Motors announced in July a partnership with EVgo, the largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles, to triple the size of the US public fast charging network.
General Motors said these companies will add more than 2,700 new fast chargers in various public places in the next five years. The unit will charge.
General Motors said in March that it would add 3,500 charging stations to its plants in the United States and Canada.
Among all these, GM is investing $2.2 billion in its Detroit-Hamtrak assembly plant to make it the first GM plant to be 100% dedicated to electric vehicles. General Motors will produce the new GMC Hummer electric pickup truck at the Detroit-Hamtrak plant in the fall of 2021.
Last year, General Motors announced the establishment of Ultium Cells LLC, a joint venture with LG Chem, aimed at mass production of batteries for future electric cars in Ohio. In addition, General Motors announced that it will work with Qmerit to create a more accessible home charging solution.

Post time: Sep-10-2020

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