Bolt adds zero emissions, no-cost travel option: walking

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If you don’t know, today is a zero emission day. ZeDay is committed to raising awareness of our impact on burning fossil fuels, generating emissions, and exacerbating the climate crisis.
In order to raise the awareness of the reasons among users, Bolt, an Estonian ride-hailing app, has added emission-free and cost-free options to its services. This is called walking.
When booking a trip on the app, users seem to be able to choose the walking option instead of taking a traditional Bolt taxi.
Of course, all of this is an interesting game designed to raise people’s awareness of ZeDay. Yes, how much impact this will have is yet to be discussed. Yes, Bolt’s business is essentially creating emissions, but it does. reason.
Perhaps this “joke” may become a legitimate function of apps like Bolt to make people realize that they can still walk on their legs. In busy times, or when a person’s journey is actually not that long, walking may be healthier and is obviously a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation.
Let us all accept this idea and make “Walk as a Service” a reality on “Zero Emission Day”.
Next time you book Bolt, Uber or Lyft, even plan to take the subway, tram, subway, train or bus just one mile from town. Please consider the environment and walk on your legs.
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Post time: Sep-27-2020

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